Big Sky Station website done!

more website work, this time for a fly fishing lodge in Montana...ha
my personal challenge with it was making something "manly" or more manly than normal at least. java script, divs tags, and css - oh my!
It's a class project so only four pages exist for the site

the homepage
a spa page

see more of my web career here!

hunting toggles!

I always have problems coat shopping, 1. I'm petite (only xs fits!), & 2. I'm super picky! Only a fitted black toggle coat will do! So the hunt is on, and it's going to be hard.
so far my favorites are;
Banana Republic's Petite short toggle coat(but it doesn't have a hood)
Nautica's Shetland Wool Jacket(but it's navy)
not quite there yet :/

oh yeah happy thanks giving, don't eat animals!

art direction!

My first final is done!
This is from my Art Direction class, I came up with the concept and made it happen! It's for Ace Hotel, Seattle. The first two and last two photos were taken by me, and the rest were taken by Miss Anne Dixon.
I photoshopped every single image to resemble Diana/Holga film, painful but worth it!

It feels so good to have at least one thing done!

mail presents

when i got my new terabyte hard-drive in the mail

ps - blog owies! my layout is acting funny!

food porn

andrew showed me this site today, Food Porn Daily. (don't google it though, another site pops up...uuhhh....) there's a lot of icky meat on the site (i'm a vegetarian) but basically every thing that isn't meat looks amazing!


listening to goldfrapp remix albums right now, so gooooood. i bought Felt Mountain when i was 13 and have had a soft spot for her ever since.
The Happiness single is such a nice little cd.
plus : Eat Yourself(Yeasayer Remix)!!!! listen here

creepy face

magazines... this face is now glued to the wall next to my desk...

foooooood blogs!

i'm doing a magazine redesign project right now that involves a lot of recipes - so i've been looking for photographs that match. in my search i have discovered some really amazing food blogs.

Kiss My Spatula

Smitten Kitchen


we graduated!!

helping a classmate out with a graduation photo shoot. we look like the polyphonic spree!

XXY (2007)

XXY is one of the best films I've seen in a while. It was so interesting that i couldn't even pause it to go pee. Really moving and intense. It's the story of a 15-year-old hermaphrodite. You should probably Netflix it.

dead crow!

continuing my homage to dead crows...
this one is from my very good friend vimala! i'm guessing it was taken in eugene oregon (i'll confirm facts later)
it's been so long since i've posted a dead crow! but honestly i haven't seen any lately :(


birthday parties, more photos on facebook for friends!

french pop french pop

i only want to listen to french pop right now, classic stuff, and i've found the best way to do it.
on, Charlotte Gainsbourg Radio. it is perfect.

ps - this is a picture of Jane Birkin


just just cruised a few(lots) mp3 sites that i haven't been on for awhile, and boy am i looking forward to the coming months!
new : Air, Yeasayer, Cocorosie, & Charlotte Gainsbourg!!

photo from an october teen vogue shoot. look here, it's so cute!

fancy sweaters

It's getting pretty cold outside lately.
That means it's basically Fancy Sweater Season!!

photo from Sean's birthday last year
We got those baby's at The GoodWill

ps - snow? i bet it will come early this year...


Normaly i don't post youtube videos...
but today I've been thinking about Kewpie mayonnaise, and how gross it is.
it's a Tarako product - and i like their old commercials.


hookah bubbles are exciting.
photographed by Christopher L Martin. his new blog here

cute sponges make life better

I've only been buying cute Japanese sponges with faces lately. I feel they make cleaning way more exciting; and warm my soul a bit.

my sponges photographed by Christopher L Martin. his new blog here


we are building up a collection of goldfish.
the madness officially begins today.

today i learned...

to trust my gut feelings more.

first i blew two fuses in my apartment this morning (i had a feeling something bad was going to happen)
then i went on a few errands and left my umbrella behind even though the sky was questionable (it sprinkled a bit)
and i recived the rath of tom... (didn't do my work... but still posted it...)

anchovies are gross!

My sister thought it was a good idea to buy 59cent anchovies at Deals Only...

yuckthat salad didn't turn out so good... the look of defeat!