i would like pigeons more....

if they always looked like this

from here

new lykke li!

the downside? it's on the new twilight soundtrack of all things! i'm not really a giant fan either - as andrew posted, so i'm kind of bummed that she's suddenly on such a big motion picture soundtrack.

living in washington - this book/film series is serious shoved in your face. and it's funny that i'm learning of the soundtrack today because i will admit that i watched my roomate's twlight dvd yesterday, ha

download the whole soundtrack here

my art in brazil

A couple years ago i posted this illustration online and a few weeks later this guy contacted me to ask if it was okay to wheat-paste my art on walls in Brazil.... I said yes. Neat right?

look here

love love love

i found a tumbler gallery with fantastic old houses and rooms. i want to live in a house like all of these rooms combined

see more here

don't mind me as i take my octopus out

from here

cold survival kit

as i posted yesterday, i have contracted a cold!
so yesterday i went to the drug store to pick up a few things to get by with

1. 99 cent brownie mix!(an impulse buy... but helps with colds...)
2. mucinex. i've never used this before - but trust me it really works!
3. an eye patch. who knows what will happen out there!! (79 cents)
4. soap.

yum / i feel better already!
james can hold my eye patch when i don't need it


you may recall this potato post in may.
well look at my potato now! it's been growing for 13 months!

Handy-Man Ana - part 1!

a couple days ago my new hair dryer blew a fuse and my whole apartment went black (sorry selena... she was in the shower at the time, which suddenly turned into a shower in the dark)
i grew up with circuit-boxes, so that what i looked for in my apartment... and couldn't find because this building has what are called "fuses"
so i carved(yes carved! it was painted shut!) open this random door behind the refrigerator and fixed it all by my myself!

new sites in the works

dreamwaver classes!
i'm now in the process of building this site i designed. of golly gee fun
but seriously, i'm really starting to enjoy web design. it's hard and challenging - but interesting and worthwhile...

x is for x-ray technician

a class i'm in right now is "giving back to the community" by creating an alphabet for a local elementary school. the theme was "interactive career alphabet"

my letter was x, so i chose x-ray technician, and made this humanoid thing.

photoshop maaaaagic

spotted : seattle central student handbook

i'm in a couple pictures of seattle central's new student handbook for 2009-2011. i don't remember when these photo's were taken, and if i even gave consent...(though i probably did)

capitol hill seattle blog

Andrews photo of me on flikr is a Capitol Hill Seattle Blog photo of the month.
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