Letter Press!!

my first letter press project : little cards!
they're about 4" by 3" - designed and printed by yours truly.
one is a simple "thank you" card, and the other is a patterned "everything else" card
i made about 50 of each, so don't be surprised if i ever give you one should i know you...


Lea said...

I just found a great Letter press jewlery making Idea. Thought you might like this too. She is Martha Stuarts on-site Crafter. Youre cards looks great! Andrew should Consider those for his next snail-mail.


Faren Bo-Baren said...

I wish I knew how to do these kinds of things. Did you learn at school? I went to a terrible school for my graphic design degree. In fact, the teacher is in the process of getting fired for gypping people out of an education :( I want a do-over