so my new years resolution this year was "lets be fit 2009!"
and if i ended quitting that it was going to be
"lets stop quitting things so much 2009!"
well... i haven't really acted too much on "lets be fit 2009," but i haven't quitted it yet either. and it's never too late to start while it's still 2009!!
so hey, august, let's be fit!

yesterday i put some thought into how much candy i consume everyday, and i was like "whoa dude, this is insane!" so i just dropped $10 on fruit at the store to replace my beloved sugary sweets.

we'll see how long this lasts...

some fruitsome carrotsall the knifes in my apartment were in a running dishwasher so i creatively sliced this baby up with a pizza cutter!


Chelsey said...

Haha, cute. I seem to remember telling myself something along the lines of let's have a fit summer. Hm...

Lea said...

Fruit= Nature's Candy... so you are good to go :)