andrew's family came to visit seattle a few weeks ago and they made this cute little film. andrew is making me post it since i'm in it...

Kodachrome from Andrew Nedimyer on Vimeo.


graphic design camping extravaganza!
see the camping video post here!

extreme ukulele we hiked to the top of this giant mountainandrew got sticked a few timessucking every last drop out, way to hike andrew!hopefully no one was lower on this hill...
at the top!more ukulele, the soundtrack to our tripbb gun...
nice streamhanging outso prettynight with no camp fire because it was illegal and we got a ticket!amazing camping trip everyone!

camping video

we went caaaamping!!
this is at night after we got our ticket for having a fire. (no fires in washington right now guys.... shitty right?!...)

ps - where were dane and wyatt?!?!?!

where to live where to live??

September 30th is the end of my current apartment lease!
It's hard work finding somewhere big enough and affordable...
Selena and i have been all over Capitol Hill the past two weeks looking for our next dream place. Cute, old, character, picture molding, lots of windows...

We filled out an application for this place yesterday, no word yet - there's a lot of competition for it. ahhhhhhh - home is hard to find!

a visit from kylie!

kylie was visiting from portland yesterday!
plus haley and and newish puppy!

lolita (1997)

finally got around to seeing the 1997 version of lolita! i liked it. it was more interesting to watch than the 1962 version, which was good - but long and dry in many areas despite the plot. Stanley Kubrick was the director of the first one though...

"A forbidden love. An unthinkable attraction. The ultimate price."

hello cupcakes

paid a visit to hello cupcake in tacoma today. (again - that whole trading candy for fruit thing didn't work out...)

sunny day and pink boxesvanilla, the best!little Cupcake likes cupcakes too!

500 PINE!

500 pine by miss katy brooks finally happened!
JanSport backpack promo....!!a reminder of this post

and there was a photo booth!!
designers with katy in the middlethese pictures were projected high up in a walldance dance dance

right before 500 Pine

while waiting for the rest in our party to arrive - aaron played with my camera.

hookah before 500 Pine

not dead crow 1

After a long hot afternoon of apartment hunting,
Selena and took an ice cream break.

Some went to crows in the park. yum.

not so morbid this time...


ehh uhh...

a return to the river

Back to the Snoqualmie River with Andrew's family plus Rodney and Dana

my lens was pretty dirty... lots of specs on the photos...
some tubingandrew and his brother jason went down so shallow rapids... painful.
featured here is jasondana and rodney. our spotconversationsrocks