strangest ending!

I watched À ma soeur! today. It's a "shocking" 2001 french film about two sisters: a thin and beautiful 15 year old, and a chubby not so cute 12 year old.
In the film the older sister becomes involved with an older Italian student who is determined to seduce her, while the younger sister is forced to conspire with the lovers, but harboring jealousy and similar desires.

but the end! oh the end is so bizarre!

the two sisters with their mother are sleeping at a rest stop(on their way back from a vacation) and suddenly a crazy man smashes the windshield with and axe! Then he axes the older sister in the head, strangles the mother and rapes the chubby younger sister. Two dead, one raped, end of film. What?!!


might i remind the world that i don't have internet and the summer is taking it's toll on me. tonight i'm going to an AIGA fundraiser at a gallery called "ouch my eye" in seattle. i'll post some photos of it tomorrow

"fly," yoko ono

Diana F+ round 5

andrew and his diana f+ camera again

in port townsend at the abandoned military battery. same as this day
plus andrewolympic national forest. same day as thiscutts island WA and lucy.cutts island WA. same day as thisand port townsend again. throwing sand

i made a website!

so i'm basically done with the "pomegranate" site i've been building for my dreamweaver site.
my first post on it was here
i learned a lot. only built two pages for the class, but they turned out well, i'd buy clothes from this site if it was real!(and if i had more money...)

andrew made fun of me because everything i design always looks so cute and girly, and that i should start making portfolio pieces with a wider audience appeal...
but what can i say, i make what i like ha


Booze Crusie

mi madre gave andrew and i a gift certificate for a dinner cruise around lake union and lake washington.

we made friends with the captain. captain jim. he let us steer the boat the whole timei hit a kayaker... didnt tell anyone because i didnt want to get in trouble with captain jim...andrew threw this rope overboard to see if anyone would miss it. we're pretty sure they didn't need itwe scored this really nice table right up frontthese are some friends we made, rob, ana, andrew, sherry, and victor andrew forgot to steer the boat most of the time so we crashed, luckily we jumped off and swam to shore before it happened, we're pretty tough

Olympic National Forest Adventure

Olympic National Forest Adventure!
only deer and chipmunks up there... no bears!
bugs!andrew poses nice.pretty!

Port Townsend and Battery Kinzie

After taking the ferry, we drove to Port Townsend to run around on the beach. There we stumbled upon Battery Kinzie! Build in 1908 by the military to host some giant guns... now its just a giant ruin accessible to the public, and man is it creepy! there are tiny tunnels running through the whole thing!
the battery!gunslooking up...several levels!scary passage. i never went too far in the dark, it freaked me out.
andrew and derek went really deep into them though...where does this go?!ahh!andrew decided to get in this holehello from up top
back to the beach

ferry from edmonds to kingston

FRIDAY we went on a adventure west. to port townsend and port angeles and the olymic national forest. to get there we had to take a ferry!
on the way back that night, Derek offered to be a stowaway in the trunk so that we didn't have to pay an extra passenger fee for the worked, ha

sunday boat day

went boating with my family plus andrew and riley
played on some islands, drank some(lots) of beer, did some BBQing
good day, i got sunburned though...