andrew's friend roday and his new wife dana have just moved to seattle.
this is their new kitten pizza.
it's too small to tell the gender but they think it's a boy
man my nose looks giant!


i'm taking a letterpress class this summer! i think my project will either be a bunch of little books or greeting cards.... we'll see

example from paper crave


from miss katy's flickr


went to visit the cats emily is watching while their owners are away
and a dead moleand a dead bird on the porch this morning

a picnic in the park

we made a ton of food and had a picnic in blvd park. yum.

alex and rileyour food! we had a lot of leftoverslauren and her newish fun camerariley brought his hookahhookah in the park, we got a lot of lookson the walk back to the car, pretty bellingham

camping visit

caitlin and chris went "camping" last night, so sara and i joined then for dindin

i whittled my own stickused my stickand caitlin burned a textbook for a class that now uses a different
book, therefore no resell value

playing in bellingham

today we went out for cupcakes at Katies Cupcakes in bellingham, we had coupons, buy one get one free!
they weren't very good... worth the free one i'd say

i got red velvetglamorous i knowcouldn't finish!then we went to a garden shop in fairhavenand Caitlin got rid of her european sized bed by leaving it out on the lawn.
all good beds come with disclaimers...

easily my favorite song

lykke li - little bit

Lykke Li from Illin on Vimeo.


so yesterday sara and i decided kayaking would be a fun afternoon activity in bellingham. WRONG! we should have known from the moment we pulled the boat off the rack that it'd be haaaaaard. no one told alex and i how to go! though we did master "the going backwards" technique - forward was out of the question! and turning didn't work so good either. and no one mentioned wind patterns and currents. we got so wet too, who knew? - not us.
we thought we'd never get home. so we drifted around the center of the lake a lot.
all and all i'd some fun, but would never do it again!

"there's probably piranha's in these waters!"
"we're going to die!"
"i feel sick! i feel sick, we can't go on!"end.

deer tick!

sold about $135 of old clothes in bellingham yesterday - so i had money to go see Deer Tick at the Wild Buffalo!
they played a giant set, but not "these old shoes" - my favorite song, so at the very very end alex and i ran up and begged him to sing it. and he did. it was wonderful!

okay so i'm bad at taking concert photos...uuhhhthere he is there he isi ran into a cody madison!ana, riley, alex

a frolic in the park

we went up to campus(western washington university) with emily...

ana and sister

dead crow chapter 2

i'm up in bellingham this week!

from now on this blog is going to have a small homage to dead crows i find!
this is the second post of the series. chapter 1 is here - i dont't kill crows, i find them. goodness i'm a vegetarian.

pictures of the day part 2


"Two of the nation's finest fillies have been groomed to perfection with the help of international hair stylist Sascha Breuer to become the 'mane' attraction at Kempton Park Racecourse's Ladies Day""A young woman splashes in the Peat mud during the seventh Mud Festival at the Castle of Chudow, in southern Poland"
"104-year-old twins Cao Xiaoqiao and Cao Daqiao look at each other on the outskirts of Shiqiaozi town in Zhucheng, Shandong province. Born in 1905, they are now the oldest pair of twin sisters in China"

oh yeah mercer island beach place

sooooo, i forgot to post these, mercer island beach day with van and wes in may...