spotted - city arts magazine!

oh hey, who are in those itty bitty photos there? oh yeah - it's selena and ana!
city arts magazine tacoma!
second time i've randomly ended up in it!
this time for prom photos

city of lost children

just watch the 1995 french film "city of lost children" last night, amazing!

on a side note

not sure how this happened... wow

dead possum

no one but me would come up with a wine called "dead possum" and actually make it. turned out well i think. i'll post better photos later... portfolio images i suppose

friday afternoon

made honey bunches and oats treats.
like rice krispie treats, only better
its hard walking some times
met some really friendly cute kitties!

moment of zen

on a road trip a few years ago. we we're close to oregon on the washington border exploring old abandoned houses.
curvy roads are hard on people who suffer from motion sickness.
a shot of my sister about to barf.

remember prom?

a year ago. it sucked, but getting dressed up was nice.
selena(current roommate) and ana

when you have to wear clothes...

upon graduating...

upon graduating high school last june, i took my own senior portrait. photos like this remind me how angry i am for loosing my camera's battery charger!

Will "Mr. Fancy Pants" Bryant

Will Bryant is an interesting graphic designer, nontraditional and wonderful.

rainbow arabia!

a classmate suggested the band rainbow arabia to me today, and now i'm in love! he knows them as well and was telling me that they're just as strange in person.
mp3 : Rainbow Arabia "OMAR K"

fleetwood mac!

fleetwood mac will be in my hometown next month! but i just found out and all the cheap seats are gone!!
it would be so cool to see them, i love fleetwood mac!

lauren albert

one of my favorite artists. lauren albert
so weird and interesting,
i could imagine myself drawing like her if i drew more often.

google maps

is amazing! street-view!
this is my apartment, way before i moved in but here it is, old and full of character surrounded by new ugly eyesores