tiedye dress

i bought a dress over the weekend that reminded me of my favorite dress when i was 5. in the old dress i went on countless summer trips and to my first grateful dead concert. who knows what i'll see and do in the new one.

from going south

over the week end i traveled to portland and back...
this is kind of what i may have been up to :

visited kylie!
stevie touching her toes!strange purple corn drink at a peruvian restaurantat the capitol in olympia! they have marble bathrooms!my familythe end.

i went out for tea yesterday

eh, it wasn't very good. i don' really care for tea. and it didn't look like this.

Natalia Vodianova is Alice, shot by Annie Leibovitzi want a cup like this

on the road again

spring break! road trip to portland!
i'll post pictures in a few days

last day of finals

roomies.later that night here must have been 25 people in our little apartment and that wasn't fun :/
my biggest final for the quarter is in less than one hour,
a presentation for a business i made up and all it's marketing materials
but i like my work - i just know i'm going to forget what to say

on a lighter note,
this house is on stilts!Takasugi-an by Terunobu Fujimori

one final down. out with classmates

odd fellows and bill's off broadway, capitol hill, seattle
who get's drunk at 1:00 in the afternoon??!

them cows

a pro vegetarianism campaign i did over a year ago that was displayed in seattle's vera project gallery!

all drawn by me using copic markers

blue dress

summer back at my parent's house, my favorite dress of the summer
back when i used to take pictures of myself all the time.
i can't find my camera battery charger!! i must have lost it in the move! :/

good to know

the work of Andrea Dezsö
"a visual artist and writer born and raised in Transylvania, Romania and is ethnic Hungarian"

creative academy marketing

pieces from a quarter long project around advertising my school
websites, posters, magazine ads, brochures and a logo....and a lot of other things
due tomorrow!

i made a planner, buy it!

a planner designed by yours truly.
it's due in class tomorrow.
you can preview and buy it on blurb.com


Have Fun With a Lie Detector

an ad from 1957.
this seems like a really, really good idea for a party game.

bellingham weekend

the water was soooo cold!
big bathroomthe office themed costume party!
we were both angela...uhh

cd covers

album art by ana
i made cool paper cases both as well

i photo-copied a cat for this one
and tore up a bunch of old magazines for this one