not a twin anymore!

my sister has just dyed her hair brown! we have different hair colors for the first time in years, and i am once again my own person!

boot eater

thank you so much

christmas is over!

down with santa!
i haven't slept at my apartment in over a week! when will i return to the hill? don't know... i'm not even sure when class starts again :p

ps - it's jan 4th!(just looked it up)
pps - i only have six months left of school until i "graduate!!!"

camera dump!

okay, bellingham photos! i didn't really take any... :/

my sister's house and big little owen!

sean lost weight!

i love sugar packets, sean drool

and we're okay with that.

once upon a time

...there was an amazing tree-fort over a cliff down a steep parlous trail in Point Defiance.
It no longer stands, but I just found this picture in an old Photobucket account.
My sister and little Sean are in it :]

lust for life

i've been on break since this past thursday!
don't worry there are photos to come one day....

image via here

spy camera

photos no one ever saw coming....

selena eating cake:


and camera being stolen!:

Yeasayer Odd Blood leak!

Yeasayer is one of the few bands that I will actually buy a cd from, BUT in the meantime their new album Odd Blood has leaked onto internet torrents! (i'm not posting the album here by the way... i've already been in trouble once with "illegal" music hosting) I'm still debating if i like this new stuff... it's really poppy, and less folky in comparison to their first album. I'm excited and also a bit sad over it....

ps - here's their sweet new video at least

ice skating!

The water features at Cal Anderson Park on Capitol Hill are frozen!
The park department probably should have drained all the water out before the weather got so cold, but oh well - it's pretty cool. (pun intended....ha)
The ice is easily 4" thick over a little less than two feet of water. - Which means perfectly safe for standing on!

ana on ice the musical

so clear!

this shoe is going to be here for a while...

wyatt photos!

via wyatt's blog

css zen garden!

my final web project of the quarter, the css zen garden! if youre not a web designer or a student - you probably wont understand this design - but it's done completly with the css and no html...

click image to see live

vegetarian times redesign!

This is a magazine redesign project I've had all quarter to work on - and it's finally done!
Basically you could pick whatever magazine you wanted - and redo it however you want. Whether it was an ugly magazine you made beautiful - or - a decent magazine you make better; pretty much anything was fair game.
I did Vegetarian Times, I thought I might as well learn how to cook while I was at it...(though i didn't...ha) I spent HOURS online looking for photos that somewhat matched the recipes i found in the original magazine, so tedious - but worth it for the end product. Here are some simple screen caps of a few spreads. (cmd + shift + 4!!)


more letterpressing with selena!
i made endpapers for the book i've been working on,
and selena made a cute gift poster

this is a very time consuming process from finishing your digital design to the finished pressed product - but it's really worth it! Pretty oldschool too, this machine is from the '60s.

Big Sky Station website done!

more website work, this time for a fly fishing lodge in Montana...ha
my personal challenge with it was making something "manly" or more manly than normal at least. java script, divs tags, and css - oh my!
It's a class project so only four pages exist for the site

the homepage
a spa page

see more of my web career here!

hunting toggles!

I always have problems coat shopping, 1. I'm petite (only xs fits!), & 2. I'm super picky! Only a fitted black toggle coat will do! So the hunt is on, and it's going to be hard.
so far my favorites are;
Banana Republic's Petite short toggle coat(but it doesn't have a hood)
Nautica's Shetland Wool Jacket(but it's navy)
not quite there yet :/

oh yeah happy thanks giving, don't eat animals!

art direction!

My first final is done!
This is from my Art Direction class, I came up with the concept and made it happen! It's for Ace Hotel, Seattle. The first two and last two photos were taken by me, and the rest were taken by Miss Anne Dixon.
I photoshopped every single image to resemble Diana/Holga film, painful but worth it!

It feels so good to have at least one thing done!

mail presents

when i got my new terabyte hard-drive in the mail

ps - blog owies! my layout is acting funny!