Thursday, April 20, 2017

San Juan Island & Diffraction Lenses

This is the ninth year of my life documented on a blog. A quiet place now, but still a small highlight reel of my everyday.

Another spring on San Juan Island. I ought to remember my camera more often when I'm feeling blue. Experimental photography makes my heart sing. These shots were taken in-camera with a pair of psychedelic diffraction lens paper glasses that say Ben & Jerry's on the side. Party tricks for the radiance of the season change. Also, a different perspective on an island I've documented five spring's in a row.

I'm in transition from one chapter to another that hasn't been written yet. My heart aches from stress, death, and loss. I met a friend's niece on the island who is life coach of sorts. She tells people she's happy for them when life goes awry. She didn't really go into why, but, I think this is so impactful. Instead of telling her family and friends, "sorry you lost your job," she says, "I'm happy for you." And maybe that's just what we need to hear more of. Less speech about what's wrong, and more about what will be.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Fort Stevens

Hello there! Well, 2017 certainly is shaping up well in the world. Politics on top of gloomy winter weather on top of stress and a big loss in the family really hurt. The weekend before my birthday came through with plenty of sun though! Our now annual Let's Run Away For Ana's Birthday Trip! We booked a room in an Astoria mansion close to downtown, window shopped, brewery hopped, and second-Thursday art walked. In the morning we pulled ourselves out of bed, a little dazed from the night before, and grabbed a breakfast in town (no hair of the dog...) before heading to Fort Stevens for more exploring.

There's lots to start planning for the spring between yardwork and gardens... and more importantly a trip to Iceland! After throwing the idea around for a while, Anthony got the party started by surprising me with plane tickets on Christmas! So far we have dates, a car rented... and I picked up a new hooded jacket. Yes, much to do. He's the world traveler between the two of us, my passport had been expired for an embarrassingly long time. He's coaching me to make our arrangements and plan the trip, ugh, where to start... the car rental, I made a move! After this trip, he thinks I should take on a solo international excursion to re-inspire and broaden my horizons - perhaps he's right!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Swan Creek in December

Swan Creek is an unfinished housing development from the 1940s. There are roads to nowhere, endless trails, and a creek that runs the length of the development. I always feel like the day after Christmas is similar to January 1st. The, "well... now what?" sensation getting up in the morning.

Anthony and I walked these trails on our first date four years ago